100% Money Back Guarantee

What if you don’t like it? What if the color is wrong? It happens. We know that. Put your fears to rest. We stand behind our products. You always receive a 30 day money back guarantee, even if the product is opened. Read more.

We're Committed to Saving YOU Money

Most companies spend a lot of money (way too much in our opinion) on fancy packaging that goes right into the garbage when the product is gone. We have chosen instead to skip the fancy packaging that goes right into the landfills. This is one huge way that we can keep costs down and pass the savings on to you without sacrificing quality.



How to Save a Bundle on Buying Makeup

    Most women are only aware of the highly over rated and expensive mineral makeup choices. The reason for that is because large companies spend big bucks on advertising to let you know they are there. They also spend a ton of money on big buildings, expensive packaging and lots of sales staff. The expense is passed on to you.

    Good News for Smart Women

    In case you haven’t noticed, the internet is changing the way business is done. Our high quality makeup is sold online. It is shipped directly from the factory to you. That means no buildings to pay for, and no sales staff working on a commission trying to get you to buy makeup you don’t want.


    Move Over Big Guy, We are Not Going Away

    The big companies and department store makeup will always be there. Those who don’t know any better will still buy at a retail store or from catalogs of a friend (yuk!) This buying revolution on the internet makes top of the line makeup affordable for everyone. Savvy, smart shoppers will recognize this trend and change the way they buy so that they can enjoy the many benefits of internet buying.